Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deepest Sympathy

Last Sunday, my brother called and told me Auntie Margaret, a very close family friend, passed away from cancer. I was very sadden by this news and tears came down my eyes. I was able to see her before her passing when I went back to my hometown to have my weeding reception. Auntie Margaret was unable to attend my wedding reception because of this. I remember she would always make chocolate chip cookies or fudge brownies for me. Whenever I am back in town, my parents and I would have tea with Uncle Bill and Auntie Margaret. She will always be remembered.

This is the card I sent out to Uncle Bill, who is a very generous and caring people. Uncle Bill helped my Dad when he first came over to US and when my parents purchased their store over 20 years ago. My thoughts are with Uncle Bill.

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