Sunday, October 26, 2008


Meet Stinker! I don't even know where to begin. Last Thursday, we had a skunk in our garage. He barracked himself underneath our car with various car wash products, mainly sponges because that is what he can grab with his mouth. On Wednesday, we notice that things were moved in our garage. We thought it might be the wind or something, but we didn't think much about it. On Thursday., I went out to do errands with my car and when I came back, I saw car wash products underneath our other car. Good thing I didn't take the other car out to do errands otherwise I may be in trouble. I called DH and told him that something stanger is going in our garage. Luckily, DH's cousin was around, so I told him that I was going to pull out the other car, so he can pick up the things under the car. I told him to check underneath the car before I pull out the car, just in case there was a cat or something underneath it. Long and behold, out of all things, the skunk was underneath the car. Good thing the skunk was not scare or felt in danger to spray our garage. I was so nervous that he might spray our garage. We tried to lure him out with the dry cat food, but he won't come out. Finally, he came out by himself after nightfall to eat. He was scared to come out during the daylight. Nothing happened to our garage, but he did left poo and pee. We think he has been in our garage since Tuesday night. I think the skunk came in when DH's cousin came home on Tuesday, late night and the skunk fall him in. Poor thing didn't eat for a whole day.

Anyways, I decided to name him Stinker after this experience as he is now considered my outside pet, which we can look, but can't touch. We first spotted Stinker the night of Titan's vet emergency which is a month ago. I went outside to put more dry cat food for the feral cats when I saw Stinker lodging around the pond area, sleep. I quickly got back into the house without putting the cat food down. Stinker has been eating the cat dry food every night since, but lately he hasn't been sleeping around the pond area. The feral cats would sometimes stay and wait until Stinker is done with his turn before coming to eat. Stinker comes around at least 2 or 3 times a night. He is so cute, if he isn't so dangerous. Stinker hasn't spray our front porch and I am wondering if he knows its because he knows we feed him as well as the other feral cats and he felt no danger as we always looks at him when he eats and he isn't scare and continues to eat and drink until he is already to leave. Stinker doesn't look that old. We currently have at least 4 regular feral cats eatting on our front porch.
I am finally playing with my stamps again. I have nothing to show, but I have started on my Christmas cards. DH keeps wanting me to do CATS (dancing cats) for Christmas cards. I told him that I will for a few of them, but not for every cards.

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Jean said...

What a story Ying, so glad I dropped by I haven't been around much but I see some gorgeous cards! Take Care.