Thursday, August 7, 2008

I got "Honorable Mention" on Hero Art Challenge

Remember this card from last week. I got tons of comments last week on SCS, the most I have even got since I joined SCS. This morning I went on the Hero Arts blog like I usually do to learn new techniques and card inspirations from them. This is a fabulous site. I entered in last week's challenge with my butterfly card and I got "Honorable Mention", check my card out on the Hero Arts' blog! I can't believe it when I saw my card displayed on their blog. Wow, I never won a contest (technically I didn't win, but I felt like I won). I don't know anything about art designs, let alone the basic such as color scheme which is this week's challenge, but I am consistly learning.

I have a few things to do before going to California for a whole week of fun and relaxation time with my family. I am visiting my family and see my parents retired as they are getting ready to move out of their store, V&W Liquors, which they own for over 24 years now. This store will no longer be called V&W Liquors after the change of ownership. How sad I feel that this is the end of a legacy for this store. It had the same name over 3 ownerships (my parents being the last owners) and now no more V&W Liquors. It will be my last time seeing the place from the inside and packing up and going through all the memories as I sort through all my things (things to keep, throw away, or donate). This is going to be a bitter-sweet week as there were so many memories of this place as I have lived there most of my life, 20 years, before moving to Arizona. All my childhood memories is from that place. I will be taking my camera back home to get lot of photos. This will be a very memorable week for me and I am glad everything turn out this way where I am going home to see my parents retired and last time to see my childhood place.

So much has happened to me and DH this past 6 months since. DH was kind enough to let me to take a little break from this stress while he has to go to work and to take care of our cats next week while I am gone.

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Gina said...

Congratulations! I know you must be very excited. It is a very pretty card. Enjoy your time with your family.