Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sick Kitty & Holly Berry stamp

As I was saying from my last post. I purchased these Holly Berry stamps from Stamp Works, my local stamping store. I got this because those talented design team did a wonderful and beautiful job with these stamps. I tried it myself and the outcome isn't the same as the samples I saw. I thought I will share it anyways as I haven't have time the last couple of days. This week is payroll and month end, so I am a little busy these few days. Hopefully, I will have some time later this week to play with some of the challenges out there.
Recipe: Holly Berry stamps, gamsol technique (prismacolor pencils and blend with baby oil), stickles, embossed the basketweave frame, black cs.
I have a sick kitty this week. Kutsu has diarrhea since last Wednesday. We got some antibiotics (pill forms) for him. This is bad news for us as we aren't good at feeding our cats medications nevertheless in pills (first time feeding my cats solids as it is usually liquid forms). We had such a difficult time feeding him the first day, DH clamped him down while I shoved the pill into his mouth. After 3 tries I thought I had it as we didn't see the pill anywhere. We thought Kutsu swallowed it. The next morning, I had to give Kutsu the antibiotic myself. I had to climb on top of him to restrain him, so I could put the pill into his mouth. Kutsu kept spitting it out and ran away. I ran after him (upstairs & downstairs) to give him his pill. After 5 or 6 times, I finally got him to swallow his pill before I let him go. During this chase, I notice yesterday's antibiotic (pill) was underneath the coffe table. He didn't take it, he spitted it out. Today, Kutsu was actually pretty good, he swallowed the pill the second time. I realized I have to really put the pill into the inside of this mouth and close this mouth, so he had to swallow or let the pill melt inside his mouth. I think Kutsu finally realize he will have to cooperate. I have 4 more days to go. I hate giving my cats their medication, they are just like little children... struggles with you.

Hope everybody is having a nice week, can't believe this week is coming to an end and summer is over as most children are going back to school after Labor Day or are already in school.

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xiumaiyuki said...

Oh no! Poor baby! You might want to try mix the pill with the wet food and maybe he'll eat it that way. I hope he'll get better soon. I have a hard time with mine, too! I feel so bad and can't bring myself to do it. So my hubby ends up being the bad guy. sorry for the rambling! Lovely card by the way!!!