Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doritos Nacho Chips

Here's a story I would love to share with you guys. As most of you know, Lay and Kutsu eat human foods, not just table scraps, but gourmet foods which we buy just for them. I know we spoil them, but they desire it since they are a wonderful addition to our family for over 10 years now. They are our children and they usually get whatever they want. Lay is picky about his food and only likes to lick off the oil of the foods. Last week, I was eatting some Doritos when Lay climbs on my body and in my face smelling the Doritos in my hand. I handed him the piece of chip and he started licking the nacho cheese of the chip. He lick all the nacho cheese favor off the piece of chip. He LOVES this stuff, the nacho cheese, not the chip. Now, whenever I open the Doritos bag, Lay will be right in front of my face, talking about a keen sense of smell! Only problem is that I have to hold the chip between my fingers, but he can't lick the chip of the floor as the chip will move, thus finger licking. Kutsu eats almost any kind of food, he is an expert eater and just loves to eat and sleep nowadays. Yesterday, we gave some Doritos to Kutsu and he ate the entire chip, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. Kutsu bites and swallows his Dorito, no licking like Lay. I haven't seen Lay and Kutsu so happy with a certain type of food for a long time now. Who would have guess a bag of Doritos could bring such JOY to my cats? This is my story of the day.

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