Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Wedding Reception

I just received a CD copy of my December 9, 2007 wedding recetion photos from our friend who is also our photographer for the day. My San Francisco wedding reception was held on Sunday, December 9, 2007. It was a very small reception for my side of the family and friends. My wedding colors were gold and red, traditional Chinese wedding colors. I had no wedding theme, but I don't kown if Chinese weddings have themes. Most people does theirs in a Chinese restaurant where it serves a 10 course meal. Jim and I know we wanted to hold it at a chinese restaurant and no catering. It was held at Koi Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA. The food was wonderful, but the space we got was relatively tight and the service was terrible. We wouldn't have picked this restaurant to hold our reception if it wasn't for the DELICIOUS and AUTHENTIC Chinese food. Since Jim and I love food so much, I was eatting sooo... much that by the 5th or 6th course, I wasn't able to eat another bit and had to miss the rest of the courses.
Our wedding cake was relatively small since we didn't have that many guests, but it looked really good. I loved the gold swirls all around the cake and the red roses on top of the cake as well as the decorated table.
I didn't even touch my bouquet. The bouquet was BEAUTIFUL and love all the golden callie lilies and red roses in it, but I didn't even get to touch it as the bouquet as I had all the flowers sent to the restaurant and I was so busy taking pictures with guests, I forgot all about the bouquet.
My favor was a mini-truffle from Joseph Schmidt which was inside a miniature bamboo steamer. I had such a hard time finding the miniatue in Taiwan, that we also had to change my favor to something else, but finally found it at $1.25/per bamboo. It would have been triple the price to get it in US and I didn't have the budget for it since I also have to get the mini-truffle which cost $1.25 and the personalized ribbons. I hot glued our personalized ribbon and "double happiness" sticker on the bamboo steamer. I got a couple of hot glue finger burns from making them, but it turned out great and the guest loves the truffle inside. I had to admit, I had several of the truffles while I was making the favors. Who could resist chocolate?

The reception tables were beautifully done, I have to "Thank" my florist, Virginia Ho from S&V Collections, for all her hard work in putting everything together for me from the red roses cake topper, cake table, the photo area setup, the chair covers and red sashes, and table center pieces. You made my night happened and I didn't have to sweat about anything. I would recommend you to anybody for their wedding.

We were very happy we had a very small reception as we would not have been able to pull it off. Our saving is totally depleted, but it was a wonderful, beautiful, and cozy reception. Now it is time to make "Thank-you" cards and to print out photos to send to my guest. I would truly like to thank all my family for making this happen since I live in Arizona and everything needs to be done in California. Through the endless emails and phone calls, thank you Marisa, Wellman, Yan Kiu, Peter, Ivan, Mom, and Dad for making this a very special event for me and Jim. I love you and misses all of you dearly.

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