Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Penny Black and Whipper Snapper

I have been really busy lately with the year-end book closing, completing quarterly taxes, and wrapping things up for the tax season. I also finish sorting, got extra prints for myself and my parents of my wedding reception/banquet. I haven't been able to create for awhile, but finally, finish two more swaps and how 3 more to go I think and one 6 month commitment swap. The Penny Black (PB) and Whipper Snapper (WS) are just two of my favorite companies.

I have the WS stamp for awhile now and haven't have a chance to play with it. This stamp is called "Leah"and she is just so adorable. I just love how the little girl is holding the cat, just like any child holds a pet. I used the gamsol technique with is to color the image in with prisma color pencils and spread the color pencils with odorless mineral oil (OMO) or baby oil using a stump. The layout is SCS's sketch challenge 159. I added cat paws on the side and decided to add some flowers and ribbon.

I just got this PB stamps a couple of weeks ago. The image and the sentiment is both from PB. I had this idea in my head for awhile, but finally get to execute it. I stamped the image and color with tombow markers. I stamp the image twice, used white liquid applique on the sheep, colored the sheep's face with grey marker and cut it out. Used foam tape to tape the face onto the sheep. I used violet Bazzill paper with designer paper, punch out the circles, corner punch the sentiment and add ribbons to each side of the sentiment. I inked the edges of the purple scallop circle and the sentiment with violet Colorbox ink. The layout is SCS's sketch challenge 156.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Cards

This is going to be a short blog for today as I still have tons of wedding photos to organize, sort, and get extra prints for my parents and to send it to the guests. It's going to be at least a month's project as I have to make "Thank you" cards to be included with the photos. I still have a long list of card swaps I signed up for for the next 3 months and two swaps are due the end of this month and then there's always housework as well as my side job. I need an extra 24 hours in my day.

It's FINALLY out in the MAIL. I finished Audrey's mailbox last week. It is totally a girl thang, look at the colors, the bling, all the floral, and ribbons. I finally finish making a "welcome baby" card for Charlotte, Audrey's new baby sister, but I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it. I stuff the inside with a pack of accessory stickers and a little tote bag. My husband said Audrey is not old enough to appreciate what you have done, but I know she will LOVE it. I didn't put candies inside because she can get tons of that stuff at my parents' store. This is the front view and the side view of the box.

Here is a baby congratulations card I made last night. I am so late in making these cards, but it is better late than never as the saying goes. I made two of this card, one for my cousin's and one for my friend's new baby boy. This was quick and easy as I totally CASE'D this from a fellow SCS, Bad Sherry http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/767900

Now back to sorting and picking out photos that I want to get extra prints on.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doritos Nacho Chips

Here's a story I would love to share with you guys. As most of you know, Lay and Kutsu eat human foods, not just table scraps, but gourmet foods which we buy just for them. I know we spoil them, but they desire it since they are a wonderful addition to our family for over 10 years now. They are our children and they usually get whatever they want. Lay is picky about his food and only likes to lick off the oil of the foods. Last week, I was eatting some Doritos when Lay climbs on my body and in my face smelling the Doritos in my hand. I handed him the piece of chip and he started licking the nacho cheese of the chip. He lick all the nacho cheese favor off the piece of chip. He LOVES this stuff, the nacho cheese, not the chip. Now, whenever I open the Doritos bag, Lay will be right in front of my face, talking about a keen sense of smell! Only problem is that I have to hold the chip between my fingers, but he can't lick the chip of the floor as the chip will move, thus finger licking. Kutsu eats almost any kind of food, he is an expert eater and just loves to eat and sleep nowadays. Yesterday, we gave some Doritos to Kutsu and he ate the entire chip, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. Kutsu bites and swallows his Dorito, no licking like Lay. I haven't seen Lay and Kutsu so happy with a certain type of food for a long time now. Who would have guess a bag of Doritos could bring such JOY to my cats? This is my story of the day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Wedding Reception

I just received a CD copy of my December 9, 2007 wedding recetion photos from our friend who is also our photographer for the day. My San Francisco wedding reception was held on Sunday, December 9, 2007. It was a very small reception for my side of the family and friends. My wedding colors were gold and red, traditional Chinese wedding colors. I had no wedding theme, but I don't kown if Chinese weddings have themes. Most people does theirs in a Chinese restaurant where it serves a 10 course meal. Jim and I know we wanted to hold it at a chinese restaurant and no catering. It was held at Koi Palace Restaurant in Daly City, CA. The food was wonderful, but the space we got was relatively tight and the service was terrible. We wouldn't have picked this restaurant to hold our reception if it wasn't for the DELICIOUS and AUTHENTIC Chinese food. Since Jim and I love food so much, I was eatting sooo... much that by the 5th or 6th course, I wasn't able to eat another bit and had to miss the rest of the courses.
Our wedding cake was relatively small since we didn't have that many guests, but it looked really good. I loved the gold swirls all around the cake and the red roses on top of the cake as well as the decorated table.
I didn't even touch my bouquet. The bouquet was BEAUTIFUL and love all the golden callie lilies and red roses in it, but I didn't even get to touch it as the bouquet as I had all the flowers sent to the restaurant and I was so busy taking pictures with guests, I forgot all about the bouquet.
My favor was a mini-truffle from Joseph Schmidt which was inside a miniature bamboo steamer. I had such a hard time finding the miniatue in Taiwan, that we also had to change my favor to something else, but finally found it at $1.25/per bamboo. It would have been triple the price to get it in US and I didn't have the budget for it since I also have to get the mini-truffle which cost $1.25 and the personalized ribbons. I hot glued our personalized ribbon and "double happiness" sticker on the bamboo steamer. I got a couple of hot glue finger burns from making them, but it turned out great and the guest loves the truffle inside. I had to admit, I had several of the truffles while I was making the favors. Who could resist chocolate?

The reception tables were beautifully done, I have to "Thank" my florist, Virginia Ho from S&V Collections, for all her hard work in putting everything together for me from the red roses cake topper, cake table, the photo area setup, the chair covers and red sashes, and table center pieces. You made my night happened and I didn't have to sweat about anything. I would recommend you to anybody for their wedding.

We were very happy we had a very small reception as we would not have been able to pull it off. Our saving is totally depleted, but it was a wonderful, beautiful, and cozy reception. Now it is time to make "Thank-you" cards and to print out photos to send to my guest. I would truly like to thank all my family for making this happen since I live in Arizona and everything needs to be done in California. Through the endless emails and phone calls, thank you Marisa, Wellman, Yan Kiu, Peter, Ivan, Mom, and Dad for making this a very special event for me and Jim. I love you and misses all of you dearly.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Card and ATC Swaps

I have finally decided after finishing these 3 card swaps (below) which are due next week that I will not sign up for anymore swaps. When I was doing these cards, I felt I am not doing my best and just trying to hurry up to get it done to meet the deadline. I felt this is unfair for the other swappers to get lousy cards and I felt this isn't really me and my work. I always try to do my best in my projects. I didn't feel this way before when I started swaping, buy lately the swaps are making me feel like it is another thing on my list of "To-Do-Items"and not something I enjoy doing. I am also feeling guilty lately for being so behind on making "Welcome baby" and "Thank You" cards for my family and friends, but rather make these cards, which are on my "To-Do-List" that I must get done. I hate to back out on any swaps that I have signed up for because I have committed myself to do and hate to let others down when I can really do it if I better manage my time. So from today forward until after the tax season, no more new swaps ( I am in some swaps until July 2008). I am not very happy with all the cards and only if you can see it in person, you will see all the mistakes I made. For the swappers that receive my cards/atc, I am sorry for my lousy job.

This card is for a SCS kid theme swap. I have this stamp since last fall, but haven't used it on any card projects. These are Stampendous stamps called "Ollie Pirate" and "Ahooooy There Matey". Lately, I am in love with brown and other color combinations. Embellishments: ribbon which I got from Target for very cheap price (after Christmas sale, 75% off); red button (purchase from Walmart) with DMC thread (from Michaels) thru it and Stampendous red square stickers. The button is suppose to represent the steering wheel of the ship.

The is an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap I signed up in SCS. The theme is birthday, so what is more appropriate than a birthday cake. I purchased this stamp is a "Stamp for A Cause" (Make a Wish foundation) from Gina K since last fall and haven't play with it. As you can see, the color brown is there. There is actually quite a bit of things that gone into this card: crystal effect abd glitter on the cake; orange stickles on the star of the candle; brown and yellow ribbons; button; and punch out flowers with stickle in the middle of the flower. As you can see, if you don't see it by now or if the picture isn't clear, it is suppose to be a birthday picture hanged on the a wall.
This last card is for another SCS swap, "Fall" theme. As you can see, what better image then this (pumpkins) and there is the color brown again. What can I say, I am in love with brown right now. I got the stamp and fabulous pattern paper from my local stamping store, Stamp Works. This is the place where my stamping addiction started, I stopped by at Stamp Works back in November 2006 to see if I can buy anything for to make some Christmas cards and as you can see, the rest is history. Lots of $$$ has been spent here. The stamp is from Lockhart Stamp Company. I colored the image with Prismacolor pencil and did the Gamsol technique on it. Added ribbons again, stickers, and stamped "Happy Fall" on it. This card was quick to do since I didn't have time, thus this is the result. Not my best work, but it looks ok.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Meet Charlotte Skye

Congratulations to Wellman and Yan Kiu (my brother and sister-in-law) on their new baby girl, Charolette Skye Ho, little sister to Audrey. She is borned on January 2, 2008. Her Dad call me after she arrived. I am so happy to be an aunt again. Isn't she just the cutest, next to Audrey!!! I won't get to see her probably until next month. Mom and Dad must be really busy since I haven't heard from them since Charolette's arrival.
I have to apologize to the parents and Charolette for not sending anything out yet. I have been extremely busy with work, gotten the cold last weekend, and getting SCS swaps done. I will be mailing Charolette and Audrey something next week, I promise.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is 2008 already. I can't believe it's been over a year since I found stamping, card marking, ATC, and etc. I love every minute of time and everything about it except for the financial part.

My resolution for this year:
* Enjoy life
* Don't let little things bother and upset me
* Continue to challenge myself creatively
* Be more organized
* Spend more time with family and friends
* Make and send out more cards to families, friends, and RAK
and last of all
* Start a family with Jim