Friday, January 15, 2010


Hubby kept telling me to get a new laptop for my crafting and Facebook game playing and leave my old computer to do my work on. I finally listen as my old computer is slowing down so much when I am working on Quickbook. I have to transfer all my crafting and photo files. I need to delete those files from my old computer. I will be working on this this weekend. I didn't have time to play this week as I am still working on closing out 2009 book. I need to print out 1099-MISC this weekend. I am hoping to have some time to play next week as I am working so much on wrapping the 2009 book that I am having headaches every night.
I went to the chiropractor today for an adjustment and massage. I feel better, but my muscles are still very tense especially on the right neck because I have to craddle the phone while try to type on the computer at work.
Got to go, back to work & Facebook games.
Hope to get some crafting therapy next week. Have a nice weekend.

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