Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Week

I had a busy week this week. I haven't have time to play. I did something last Sunday, but haven't have time to upload. I will do it tomorrow when I have get some time to play. I want to do this week's SCS challenges. Maybe I will have some time tomorrow.

My cats have been sick, first it was Rusty which was sick about 2 weeks ago, then he passed on to Shui Di, and now it is Lay and Kutsu. They have been really needy for the past month since Rusty got injured which cost me an arm and leg on the vet bill. Shui Di pushed Rusty off from the play tree while Rusty was asleep and he landed hard on the carpet. He was having problems walking, so we took him to the vet. Likely, his left hind leg was just bruised and sored, and nothing serious. Rusty is fine now, but hasn't went up to the play tree or anywhere really high since his accident. He started playing with his mice and running around the house again which is good new. Right after his accident, he got sick, sneezing quite a bit. We thought he has allegeries since it is Spring, but he stopped after 3 days and then Shui Di started sneezing and this is when we knew the "cat flu" is being passed around. Kutsu has been very needy, he actually slept with us on our bed yesterday. He usually doesn't sleep with us nowadays. I don't think Kutsu got much sleep and he looked sick and so does Lay. Lay was sleeping quietly by himself all day for the last three days now. Lay usually like to bother us and scratch the blinds and "meows" to go out or to get some attention, but he hadn't done that for the last few days. I worry for Lay and Kutsu because they are so much older than the other two and they look miserable. I have to keep my eyes on them to make sure they are ok.

On Tuesday, I had jury duty. I didn't get selected to be a juror, but the people next to me all got selected. Thank goodness, but I wouldn't have minded, but the case was expected to last to the end of April (12 day trial). It was boring and I actuallly spent a whole day for jury service as I was selected to be on a jury panel for a criminal case (murder case) and the judge asked some questions which there were quite a few answers, thus took a whole day.

I have started going to work with Jim a few days a week to save some trees and to keep myself busy.

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