Sunday, April 13, 2008

Window View

Another early morning for me, but not as early as yesterday. Today, my youngest cat, Rusty decided to wake me up and get me out of bed by stepping on top of my body. I got some chores done and got to finish my card which I started yesterday. This is my first try after getting a lesson from Nic, Stamp Works, on this product from one of her make n' trade cards. This stuff is called Flower Soft, an England manufacturer and it is so fun to play ith. You just put some craft glue on wherever you want to put the flower soft on and pour or use your fingers and put the flower soft on top of the image and shake off the excess. Make sure you let it the glue dry first before shaking off the excess. It gives it a 3-D effect. You probably can't see it in this picture, but you can see it in my close up picture of this product. Isn't it gorgeous? I wanted to pop up the flower pot, but I already putted the flower soft on the image, so I decided to add a blue bird and pop it to give it a more complete look. I probably should have added some more embellishments like brads or something on the card, it just look so plain right now. I will try another one on a later day.

I don't really like this asian fan iris fold ATC, not the iris folding put, but the overall ATC card. I did an UGLY card, but I will share with you anyways. This is my first try outside of class. It should be for cards, but I signed up for an Asian ATC swap at SCS, so I thought this should be fun and creative to do. I used my expensive origami paper, per 6x6 piece is $0.50/$0.60 each to do the iris folds. I colored the fan handle with my gold spica copic pen (I got some more colors just the other day from Stamp Works, they finally have more in) and added crystal effect. I think I am going to change the white cardstock to black or a dp and do better work on the gold marker outline, LOL. I will show you another picture of the iris fold once I have decided what changes to make.

It has been really nice in Arizona, the weather is warm, not HOT! Get out and enjoy spring.

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