Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cross Stitched Cottage House

No card today, but I do have to share this with you. This is my baby and I show everybody that comes to our house. People usually think it is just a picture until I show it to them close up and their first word is "WOW!". Yes, I am being a narcissist here, but I am very proud of myself for finishing this. My DH says I am a starter and not a finisher and I am learning to finish my projects more. There are tons of ideas in my head and start on some, but never finish like painting the house or have to trash it because it didn't come out the way I wanted to.

As some of you already know, before I got into scrapbooking, stamping, and cardmarking, I love to stitch. I stitched this picture 2 years ago and don't remember the name of the picture or the illustrator. I think I started this project in Fall 2005 and didn't finish until Summer 2006. This was one of the longest project for me. Some days, I spent all day like 10 hours stitching and counting the grid and some months didn't even touch it. Sometimes with any project, I get bored and some doing it for awhile or sometimes for a LONG while and when I do get back to doing it, I am stitching vagariously. This picture isn't perfect, but nobody can see my mistakes which is why I totally love this picture. I have to frame it and off course, I didn't want to do custom framing as it costs more than the picture, but not my time of course. The matting didn't fit my picture, so some of the outside stitches are being covered up. I was going to have my uncle, who is an artist, cut the matting to fit my picture, but I din't know have to carry this on the plane, so I have to wait until he has time to come out to my place. Can you believe I haven't hung this on the wall yet? It is still on the floor. This reminds me that I have haven't finish a Precious Moment wedding stitch picture. It was suppose to be for my wedding, but my wedding has since passed. I will eventually get back to it, but not now. Now I feel guilty for neglecting my other hobbies. I start stitching back in my college days when my college roommate shown me how to stitch. When I first make cards, I did stitched cards because I didn't know how to "really" stamp yet. There is still a lot to learn on stamping as there is so many techniques to learn, but I am glad to see that I am improving and trying some new techniques once in awhile.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day to all the fabulous mothers out there! I may or may not be posting tomorrow. I am trying to do some ATC cards for a ATC swap I signed up for, but I am just being lazy these few days. I guess somethings, we have to take a break, even if it's good thing.

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Ying Pang, said...

Hi Ying,
I was so suprised just saw my name commented on my blog:-) hehe..what a nice suprise, I haven't meet a person same with my name and into cardmaking and stamping:-)
thank you for visiting my blog, hope that keep in touch.