Thursday, May 8, 2008

Magnet Bookmarks

Have you guys seen magnet bookmarks at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon which costs quite a bit depending on the designs. Well, I have purchased a pack of three over 2 years ago for $3.00 and it isn't even as nice as those that are out now. I was looking in my crafting magazine for quick and simply inspiration and the magnet bookmark caught my eye as it was used to bookmark a page inside the magazine. I know most of us use post-it tabs to mark of our favorite page in a magazine or just fold the page, but why ruin your magazine or book, including cookbooks or favorite recipe card or page. I used my expensive magnet bookmarker to bookmark a favorite project page. How clever is that and it is re-usable as the post-it tab looses its stickiness and people usually trash it after they are done marking that page. We have to think recycle nowadays, but with $1.00 and up magnets, who can afford this. The ladybug bookmark on the left is the one I purchased from the bookstore and the one I did is the one on the right. It was like a 2 minute project. Just cut the 2 half inch magnet strips, cut a piece of cardstock and make to line folds. Stick the magnets on each end of the cardstock as shown. I stamped the ladybug on a red cs then cut it out and glued it onto the bookmark. I suggest getting the really strong bond magnet strips (don't buy the ones in the rolls as it will not bond together once the magnets are stuck to the cs that well because the rolled magnet makes a curve to the magnet). You can buy this at Michaels, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, or any craft store. I got mines from Wal-Mart, but I don't think it is as strong of a bond magnet as the one from the retailer. I will have to go to Michaels or Joann's to get the really strong bond magnets. Make sure you test the bonding of the magnets before sticking it on the cardstock. I tested the bond and once I have stuck it to the cardstock, it didn't bond together, so I have to rotate the magnet and finally it bonded together. This is probably around a $0.15 or less project as I only used small pieces of magnet and cardstock. That is a total saving and you can get really creative with this as you can do any design and size. This is just my sample to show you as I was just experimenting to see if this is going to be a fast and easy project and it is. I am sure all the crafty people out there are going to make more beautiful bookmarks then what I am showing here. Once I have time more time, I will send all the avid book/magazine readers (you know who you are) some bookmarks or just leave me a comment and I will send you some. I love to share what I made and currently I have only been sharing it with my friends and family because I don't feel confident enough to share or sell my work. There are just so much more experienced and talented artist out there and I am still a novice searching for my talent if I have any. This is just a relaxing, fun, "my time" hobby for me as I don't want to be pressured or stress out over this otherwise it will not be fun for me anymore and I will have to trash this already expensive hobby. LOL

I planned on showing you my little cat's talent, he fetches toy cats. He just loves them, but today he didn't feel like performing when I got my camcorder out to video tape him. I'll try it tomorrow, but here is a shot of Lay, "King of the House". He is really the King of this house as my DH and I spoils him. He is very smart, brave, devilish, lovable, outspoken, well-tempered, and very alert of his enviroment. He cheers me up whenever I am down or sad.
Stamp: unknow maker of the ladybug
Ink: Memories Black ink
Paper: American Craft and red cs
Accessories: glue and self stick magnets

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