Thursday, May 22, 2008

Penguin Popsicle

This is a card for a 1 yr old. DH's dental assistant asked me to do a card for his nephew who is turning one. I thought the penguin with the popiscle stamp from Imaginisce would be perfect as it is really hot in AZ now and all children like popsicles. It was cute to add the yellow flock onto the pegiun's nose as kids like to feel and touch things. It feels a little velvety. I added the flock to the giraffe inside, but it doesn't look that good, but oh well, the kid is only 1 so he probably won't remember any of this.
I have to admit, I am not the cleanest person. My craft desk is so cluttered with paper, tools, stamps, and embellishments. I can barely find anything in this mess. It took me two hours to do this card as I was deciding and looking for tools and embellishments to make this card. I need to be more organized, but I never like to clean up after myself once I am done with a project.
This morning I woke up with an awfully bad cramping pain on my lower abdominal. I finally subdued after awhile of deep breathing. There was no blood from my urine, so this is good news. I am concerned I might have ectopic pregnancy where the egg is implanted outside the uterus where if the tube burst it will destroy its ability to carry fertilized eggs on their way to the uterus in future conceptions and could also threaten the mother's life.

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