Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy News....

I am very nervous, but happy to announce that I am pregnant again. I found out this past Sunday and I went to my OB/GYN today and its confirmed, I am pregnant again. I am very nervous this time around because of my recent miscarriage. This past Saturday, I thought my period was coming because I felt stomach cramps which hurted pretty bad in the middle of the day, so I took a vicodin to ease the pain, but I felt so dizzy afterwards. Since my period didn't come, I took a home pregnancy test on Sunday and it show two lines meaning "pregnant". I guess I am pretty emotional right now because I felt it is too soon to get pregnant again, but I'm lucky to be pregnant again. I am praying every day since I found out the new. I have been feeling fatigue, bloating and gas, dizziness and blury vision each time I get wake off the bed and/or couch, and some cramping. The nurse practitioner said that just as long as there is no period like bleeding, then just take it easy and relax as these may be just some pregnancy symptoms and it is too early to tell, so I will just have to wait. Last time, I didn't have any period like bleeding, but only a little spotting right after the OB visit, but I thought it was nature until the ultrasound confirmed that there was no heartbeat from the fetus. I pray this won't happen again otherwise I know I am the one with a genetic or chromosomal problem. For all the friends and family that reads my blog, please pray for me and my unborn.

Now, onto my hobby. I missed Gina K Designs release yesterday because I was just feeling so tired and went to sleep earlier. The new stamps are really nice..... I like, I like, but I have to save money for my maternity bills. My insurance isn't covering my pregnancy bill and we all know how much medical bills cost. There are so fun sketch challenges yesterday from the Gina K Design's new release, so I thought I will play and see if I can win a free stamp set. I will post those pictures tomorrow.

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